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you ask and doctor dukan answers

We always have questions about our diet, can we eat this, can we eat that, when can we eat, and of course how much can we eat.
here is all questions you can ask about dukan diet and their answers :

1- Are we allowed to eat fat free fruit yoghurt?Plain fat free yoghurts are allowed without any restriction. Fat free yoghurts such as flavoured are allowed too without any restriction as well. About fat free fruit yoghurts or yoghurts with compote the answer is "you can but no more than 2 fruit yoghurts per day". This tolerance is available when you are losing weight as expected. In case of small speed, do not take more than one of these yoghurts per day. in case of stagnation stop it completely. In case of permanent stabilization, the Protein Thursday is a sentinel day. It's almost the only day that can support the weight of the week. Of course there is the CFE the contractual forgetting of escalators and the oat bran but this specific day needs all its efficiency. Consequently, on Thursday avoid fat free fruit yoghurts, the flavoured ones (coconut, vanilla and lemon) when they are chosen carefully can sometimes be tastier and gratifying.

Carrots and beetroots are justly renowned for containing sugar. However they do not containt hat much sugar. But still, these sugars have got a quick penetration effect especially baked carrots. So the answer is : carrots and beetroots are allowed in decent quantities by avoiding sauces and oil. However if you can't restrain yourself from eating only a few carrots and if you can't eat them without any dressing well keep away from them. Finally, always prefer raw carrots to baked ones, because they are a little bit more slow to penetrate into the blood.

3-Are we allowed to eat any type of mustard and how much?
The Dijon mustard strong or mild is allowed without any restriction. Grain mustard yes and with a special recommendation because it is mild and it fits perfectly with the balsamic dressing. Avoid any other type of mustard like honey mustard for example because it is too sugary.

4-can I eat eggs as much as I like?
Concerning eggs, if you haven't got any cholesterol you are allowed to eat one yolk a day. You can eat as many whites as you want.

5- Since I am practising the Dukan method I have the tendancy of beeing constipated? What can I do?
Food rich in proteins hasn't got a lot of waste. An egg or a yogurt doesn't contain any fibre, everything is assimilated without any residue. Lack of fat food reduces the lubrification of the digestive tube. It's obvious that each person who has already a tendancy to be constipated is going to be more constipated with this diet. You may be worried about constipation only if you have abdominal pain. If it's your case start drinking 2 litres. Try to drink high mineral water. Then do one day PP and one day PV to eat vegetables as much as possible. Do some abdominal exercices by sequences of 10. Try to do at least 100 movements in a whole day. Eat more oatbran -3 table spoons per day- and if it's not enough eat some stewed rhubarb. If you are still constipated after all of that, please talk to your pharmacist or your doctor.

6- I eat out quite often, do you have any appropriate menus?
No because each restaurant has got its specialities, its own dishes and menus. If you can choose the restaurant, you can adjust it according to your diet. In my diet you are able to eat wherever you want. The only thing is it has to propose meat, fish seafood, poultry and offal. If you are on a PV phase it will not be difficult. Think about smoked salmon, a universal meal. Green beans and spinach are usually a side dish vegetables as well as salads. The only problem is wine, bread and dessert. You must say No to each of them. Take a coffee and after the bill just run to grabb one or two even three yogurts. And do not forget Diet Coke, that will help you not to order any dessert. Then, there is much to say about japanese or chinese restaurants, even the Fast Food ones where you can eat only the meat without the bread. The idea of losing weight and of being on a diet might be evanescent but think about the seducing picture of you with less kilos.

7- Do I need to be followed by a doctor during my Dukan diet?
If you are less than 50 years old and you are robust, that you haven't any disease no cardiac or kidney risk or you are not depressed, insulino dependant, anorexic or bulimic there is no need to worry. Especially because one of the best trumps of the Dukan diet free is access to foods rich in protein and vegetables. Starting from 50 years old it's good to see your doctor for a check up with a little biological assessment to find out a potential thyroid problem and hormonal problems with water retention. The ideal is to have a doctor who knows you enough to help you following your diet and take your blood pressure. Getting slimmer is a difficult and unnatural act. Any help is precious and welcome.

8- I have headaches. Most of the time it happens during PP phases, what should i do?
I don't see a direct link between the diet and your headache. It is possible that if your weight loss is quick, it might slightly decrease your blood pressure and make your headache a bit more sensitive but there is no way it can activate a crisis. So check your blood pressure with your doctor and if it's low try to eat a bit more salt and drink a bit more as well. If your blood pressure is normal, it's maybe that your diet makes you stressed and increases your sensitivity to headaches. In that case try to vary your food. Try to eat fish instead of meat. Do not forget seafood, shrimps and try every kind of poultry. Don't get stuck on chicken: try roast turkey with garlic. Don't eat only classic dairy products but think of fat free cottage cheese for example. And then try to do one day PP and one day PV.

9- Since I start the diet I have a bad breath. Why?
If you have a bad breath you should be happy because that means that you are getting slimmer and you will get slimmer fast. Your breath became worse because by losing some weight you burn fat and eliminate waste through this combustion. That's the momentary ransom of your weight loss. The Dukan diet is rich in proteins and so put the accent on this phenomenon because of blood cetosis. That cetosis really calm down your appetite but gives you a bad breath. Adding oat bran to your diet makes your breath better. Drink more you will more eliminate by urine and less by breathing. Do not forget to have sugar free chewing gums.

10- I lose my breasts on every diet I do but keep my saddlebags. What can I do?
If you want a sincere and frank answer, I have to say that there is no efficient solution to your problem. About your breasts we haven't got any solutions to reduce your weight without any consequence for your breasts. It depends on your breast size and also what is fat and mammary gland. If you easily lose it that means that your breast has got more fat than glands. For thighs it's the opposite. Your body keeps your saddlebags as its last energy source. So if just do a simple diet you will easily get the top of your body thiner and not lose so much on the bottom. On the medical side there 's a small solution to improve that weight loss. It's called Centella Asiatica. Only your doctor can prescribe it to you. Unless the last solution is plastic surgery but it an expansive and intrusive solution.

11- I am quite tired during the diet. When and how will it stop?
Do you think that you are tired because of the diet but you were not before starting it? In that case it's quite rare but possible. That can comes from the fact that you don't eat enough. Do not forget that quantities are not limited. Meat is the best way to avoid tiredness especially beef. Tiredness can also come from salt and water. Salt has got an influence on blood pressure. By eating without salt you reduce from at least one point your blood pressure. Drinking too much water (more than 2 litres) is tiring too. Water cleans blood and make the blood pressure decrease. The worst case is the association of both. Try not drinking too much in the evening. Like that you will not have to go to urinate in the night. If tiredness is persisting check your blood pressure and say to your doctor that usually a similar diet is not supposed to tire you.

12- Will my thyroid problems upset my diet?
Thyroid illness is a big problem in the fight against obesity. First of all, some people are not aware of having thyroid problems (insufficiency or lazy thyroid) and they get bigger slowly, at a medium pace or sometimes quickly. When you discover you have a thyroid problem, it’s often after you’ve piled on those extra pounds. When the thyroid problem is found early you can be given treatment. But you may have to wait before you can see the results of the treatment, and during that time you will keep on gaining weight. Doctors who haven’t encountered many cases of thyroid illness will remain sceptical, take their time to reach a definite diagnosis and space out the check-up doses -TSH-. None of these things make losing weight any easier. If you look at it, even when receiving proper treatment, that treatment is still different from what your thyroid used to secrete. ‘Ready to wear’ and ‘made to measure’ are not quite the same. BUT all this is to tell you that with a well-adapted treatment, you can lose weight, I promise. Let’s say people with a thyroid illness have to be a little more serious than others.

13- My TSH is normal and I feel tired. Is it because of my thyroid?
Your tiredness cannot come from your thyroid if your TSH is perfect. Are you stressed? Is your blood pressure low? Do you sleep well? Are you depressed? All these factors can make you tired. About your diet, you have to eat enough and eat a lot of protein too. You mustn't drink more than a litre and a half per day and more importantly, do not exclude salt from your diet. Follow your instructions carefully and go walking, even if you are tired to start with. Remember: walking alleviates tiredness.

14- I lost 10 pounds in a month even with a few slip-ups, and for the last few days, I have not shed even a pound!
You lost 10 pounds and I think this is EXTRAORDINARY considering your slip-ups. Moreover losing weight as quickly as you did means your body has to stop in its tracks for a short while in order to adjust to the weight loss process. Your body doesn't like to see its reserves melting and it takes it some time to adapt. Believe me, this stagnation occurs in every diet, especially when the weight loss is fast, but I assure you the weight will keep dropping at about 2 pounds a week now. Keep at it and come back in a few days to let me know. Until then, make sure you exercise and if you can push yourself that little bit more, it will help you go onto a new threshold faster.

14- How come I have lost a few inches but my weight stayed the same?
You are telling me that you perfectly followed your diet and haven't lost weight but that you still lost 1 to 2 inches on your waist, hips and thighs. If you properly measured then you have lost pounds indeed. So why doesn’t it show on the scale? Because during that same time your body retained water. Did you know that a litre of water weighs 2 pounds? I suggest you do 2 days PP and walk for 45 minutes a day for two days. Drink no more than one litre water and avoid salt wherever possible.

15- When I reintroduce vegetables in my diet, my weight loss slows down, is this normal?
Yes, it's completely normal and I am going to tell you why. When you are on a diet with pure proteins and no veg, you are following the most efficient diet in the world. Moreover this diet is water-repellent: proteins will ‘chase’ water out of your body. So when you weigh yourself, you take into account both the fat loss and the water loss. So on the scale the loss is really important and it works wonders to reinforce your motivation. When you add vegetables you add more water and minerals, therefore you minimise the loss of water. So you keep on losing weight, albeit a little bit less. At the same time the water you had ‘chased out’ is coming back, which is ‘hiding’ the fat loss. On the scales you have a feeling of stagnation. But as soon as you are taking pure proteins again, water and weight are adding up and weight loss is appearing again. The one thing to avoid is to lose confidence when you reach that stagnation phase. In fact every time you slip-up you are putting a huge strain on your body and this is more likely to play tricks on your weight than anything else.

16- Sometimes I skip a meal and even so I don't lose more weight. Why?
Skipping a meal is a big no-no. First of all if you haven't had lunch you are more than likely to be starving by around 5 pm. And that's not a good time to be looking for a healthy meal, as only vending machines might have their door open. Now imagine you managed to control yourself until dinner time. You will inevitably eat more and turn to foods that will fill you up more like fatty and starchy foods, bread and meals with sauce. But worse still, your body is going to penalize you by taking full advantage of these inapropriate foods you are taking in. Not skipping meals means your body takes reasonable profit from this regular source of energy. Let's imagine your body is using around 70%-75% of the food you eat. Say you skipped breakfast. Not only will you eat more but your body is going to be using 95% of your next meal. In the end you lose. Skipping a meal is a sure way to gain weight. Don’t think you’ve no time to: grab a yogurt, shake it, open it, drink it and you’re done! It’s enough to calm you down. So please do eat at each meal.

17- I'm wondering why my weight is never the same but fluctuates by a few pounds in the course of the day?
You have just discovered the difference between a statue and a living being. Only the first has got a stable weight. A woman's body naturally contains more water than a man's. It undergoes influx and reflux. It's completely normal and it takes people who weigh themselves every day to notice that. Don't worry, your weight is coming down and that's the most important thing. Your weight will always fluctuate sensibly depending on whether you are retaining or eliminating water in/out of your body.

18- What can I do to fight water retention?
Drink less, no more than one litre per day. Do that for 4 days. Avoid eating dishes with a high sodium content like smoked salmon or cured meat. If you are constipated use a glycerin suppository and make a sauce with paraffin oil. You can also take a drainer to help.

19- I am a vegetarian, may I follow your diet programme?
First of all, are you really sure you refuse meat and fish? If the answer is yes you will have to adjust your diet by introducing soy steaks, tofu, a lot of dairy products, eggs (one yolk for three whites). You will have to increase your consumption of oat bran to 4 tablespoons per day. You also will have to take two tablespoons of lentils per day on your PP day, but when you are on PV you can eat as much as you want.

20- Since I am on a diet, I have some difficulty falling asleep.
I do not fully understand the link between your diet and your sudden lack of sleep. But it can happen. You must know that coffee, tea and diet coke contain caffeine. Hunger can also have an impact on your sleep. You must have a proper meal in the evening and add a tablespoon of oat bran at the end of your dinner. Oat bran is known as a hunger stopper and acts slightly as a sedative. You can also ask your pharmacist for some valerian or passionflower.

21- When should I weigh myself?
You’ll find that your weight is at its most consistent when you get up in the morning, before eating. In the end what really counts is that you always weigh yourself at the same time and wearing the same outfit.

22- Can I practise gymnastics or do some other sport during the attack phase?
That depends on the weight you have to lose, your age and your medical antecedents. If you are heavy, you should be careful and not put too much strain on your heart. You should be careful about your blood circulation, your hip joints, knees and vertebras. If you are more than 55 years old you should start gymnastic progressively and respect twice all overweight constraints. On the contrary,if you are not too old and heavy, everything is possible but during the attack phase, the loss of weight can be stunning. Combined with an excessive physical activity it can make you tired and reduce your shape which is the substance of any motivation.

23- I have some pain in my legs and so I have some difficulties to do my daily physical exercices because I am suffering from everywhere the day after!
Concerning your pain, I know a lot which have been improved over the years. It seems that the disease is wearing off over the years. We are wishing that you will be in that group. I consider that home works can favourably replace any physical activities. You have to use as much as possible your shoulder muscles, pectorals and abdominals muscles. Use your arms and when your legs are not bothering you, just walk. Moreover, lying on your bed, cushion and pillow under your back to be maintained in an oblic position, fold slightly your knees and straighten up with your arms tight until you are in a vertical position. Start by doing 3 x 15 movements per day and increase it day after day if you can, until reaching 3x100 for enough calorie combustion which should be around 300 a day. This is what I am doing every morning so do as I do. I am and I will be always at your disposal. Please come whenever you want it will always be a pleasure.

24- Why do I need to do sport?
The regular work of the diet will be done by doing physical activities: it's FUNDAMENTAL!

25- I have a lot of cellulite, Would the Dukan Diet help me to lose it?
No diet in the world can rid your body of cellulite. But some diets can be more efficient than others on cellulite. These are diets rich in proteins. They are anti damp and act on water retention, they are not rich in toxins and they don't contain alcohol, oil... That's the case for the Dukan Diet. Cellulite is a mix of family heredity -there are some families where we have strong thighs from mother to daughter- and a particular receptivity to our oestrogen hormones. In that case you can talk to your gynecologist to see if he can reduce the high presence of oestrogen. To treat cellulite without any surgery or sucking, the only interesting medical solution is mesotherapy associated to a diet. A really efficient plant exists it 's called Centella Asiatica. Ask your doctor. Finally, the best treatment against cellulite is prevention. The most efficient one is to avoid gaining some weight during the 5 days before your periods. During these days every gain of weight has a tendancy to be changed into cellulite.

26- Is it necessary to take food complements or vitamins during the diet?
Right now you don't need any vitamins at all. You just have to eat enough vegetables when you are on PV. If you feel weak take some sugar free vitamin pills but you should feel better quickly.

27- The brewers' yeast
You are allowed to eat brewers'yeast sprinkled on salad or in any other occasion. Brewers yeast is a great ingredient because it's filled with vitamin B and sulphured amino acids. In autumn your hair is more fragile and a brewers' yeast is the best remedy.

28- How to conciliate the diet with cholesterol?
You have to be careful with eggs. If you haven't got a threatening cholesterol you can eat a whole egg yolk per day. In that case make your oat bran pancake with the white only. If you have got any cholesterol problems have the egg whites as much as you want and try to restrict yourself to 4 yolks per week except if your doctor doesn't agree with that.

29- What are the oat bran virtues?There are so many that I cannot speak about all of them in a FAQ answer. But you must know that it is the food which to my mind has got the most incidence on the weight and makes the diet easier. First of all, it's a food that swells with water contact and other liquid. It can take 20 to 30 times its volume inside the stomach, increasing the time of gastric occupation. The stomach is full and busy enough. Then it is a really tasty sweet and consistant product which can be used in many different ways. Moreover, oat bran has got this amazing power of confiscating calories in the small intestine and to take calories into your bowels. This caloric loss is not really important but can be renewed and can be significant at the end. Oat bran optimizes without any violence the intestinal transit which is often slowed down during all kind of diet. The oat bran is cheap which is rarely the case of diet products in general. But that's not all. Oat bran helps in diabetes prevention by reducing the speed and absorption of sugar. It has a great action on cholesterol and keeps from colon cancer. I do not know any other food having so much virtues and so much impact on health.

30- Can I take several doses of oat bran a day?
In the slimming period, attack phase and cruise phase, until you reached your true weight, the ideal is not to take more than 3 table spoons per day. A table spoon per day is not only authorized but strongly recommended. Be careful oat bran is useful to help you get slimmer by reducing your appetite and installing a small but regular leak of calories through your bowels. Two table spoons slightly increase this effect and make it easier for your intestine to work. Three table spoons further improve these actions but start to have a calorie effect. In a slimming period do not go further : you don't have anything else to expect. In the consolidation phase, try to continue in that way because you are allowed during this period to have starchey food twice a week. In the stabilization phase oat bran is one of the three pillars to maintain your weight. You have to take three table spoon per day. But starting from your stabilization, you can have as much oat bran as you want. Because oat bran is natural it can serve you. If you take important medecine, try to divide your oat bran dose during the day because oat bran slows down the transit.

31-What is the best time in a day to take oat bran?
There are many but it can change in function of your way of living and the relationship you have with food. If you are a morning person and like to have big breakfast it's obvious that oat bran will bring you all its sweetness and will make feel fulfilled, especially if you make some pancakes, porridge or crepes. If you nibble between meals in the afternoon, 5 'o clock should be the best time. If you nibble between meals after diner and try to find happyness in empty copboards, a Dukan pancake with fat and sugar free cocoa will be useful to be kept from temptation.

32- I take my contraceptive pill in the morning with oat bran. Do I need to take them separately?
That depends on the dose of oat bran you are taking. One or two table spoons of oat bran doesn't have enough effect to reduce the action of your contraceptive pill even if it's a micro dosed one. If you take three table spoons and your contraceptive pill is micro dosed take it in the evening. If it's a normal pill it doesn't matter you can mix them.

33- If I were to be pregnant would it be ok to follow the diet to lose some weight during the first months?
Not only is it possible but it is also desirable because if you get pregnant and you are overweight you may be putting your health at risk. I have been a practitioner for most of my working life, and have helped a lot of women lose weight.What happened quite often was that they got pregnant while they were on a diet. Others were successful in losing weight but once they got pregnant they worried about putting on too much weight. I helped them lose weight too. Whatever the case was, I provided adapted health checks for all of these mums-to-be, so if you were to get pregnant while following my diet I will ensure everything goes well in that respect.

34- I am receiving hormonal therapy to get pregnant but I am overweight. What are the risks?
If you are trying to get pregnant and you are following hormonal therapy, your weight is going to increase. You have to be vigilant NOW if you are not pregnant yet. If you become pregnant, remember that for the first month the foetus is tiny, which means you will be able to follow the diet as usual during the first 15 days. Then you will have to do a few PV days until the end of the first month. After that you will have to comply with a different diet scheme adjusted to your needs as an expectant mother.

35- I am going to get my period and even when I watch what I eat I gain weight. Is this normal?
65% of women gain some weight just before their period. The ones who don’t are less in touch with their feminine side, they are not as receptive to oestrogen as other women. From the 5th to the 28th day of your cycle your body secretes oestrogen every day. This oestrogene is not completely eliminated. The consequence is that you slowly but surely accumulate enough to retain water and make your breasts grow in size. This makes you irritated and hungry. From the 20th day of your cycle this accumulation is such that you’ll notice pre period symptoms. And come the 25th day you may easily have piled up somewhere in the region of 1 to 3 litres of water, meaning 2 to 6 pounds on the scales. As soon as you get your period your body stops secreting oestrogen, therefore after you have been putting on weight you start shedding those pounds again quickly. The morality is that during these last 5 days you shouldn’t drink too much, nor should you eat salty foods or give in to cravings.

36- Since the 3rd day of my diet I have started to experience light bleeding every day. Is this a consequence of the diet?
I don't really see how your diet can impact on your cycle. There is only one possibility that it does. You may be taking a micro dosed contraceptive pill and drink a lot of fluids during the day. This is how it works: when you take a micro dosed contraceptive pill the active dose is limited. When you drink a lot of water you are eliminating a lot of urine and your blood gets regenerated by going through your kidneys at an accelerated rate. This means you are eliminating a bit more of the hormones from the pill. So there is not enough concentration and you get bleedings. Consequently, if that’s what’s causing the bleeding, you should either drink less or ask your doctor or gynecologist to prescribe a slightly stronger pill. But first of all you must confirm this hypothesis by speaking with your doctor. In any case, don’t worry, it doesn't seem to be serious.

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  1. Many so called "best abdominal exercise" are working on the abs muscles that are under the belly fat. Most lower abdominal exercises only burn few calories and these calories do not just come from the fat in your abdominals. Your body will burn fats equally from other part of the body, not just stomach fat.

  2. The muscles included within the core group are the abdominals, chest, back, and shoulders. There are additionally some core exercises that focus on the lower body. When performing these workout routines, several areas of the body are labored altogether making it an efficient approach to core workout.


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